A Leading Innovation Firm Dedicated to Providing Embedded Solutions to Launch and Scale Products for Your Customers. 

Whether you’re a growth stage startup or corporate innovation team, Whitney A. White and the team at Afara Global have built a long track record of helping clients take their venture to new heights or inject innovation into a legacy organization. 

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You need help thinking outside the box and pushing innovation using disciplines like Lean Startup Methodology and rapid experimentation. You need help cutting through the bureaucracy within your organization to get things done. You also need help taking your team’s capacity to the next level. 

Or, perhaps you’re part of an innovation team building a startup within a larger corporation. You are challenging the norms within your organization, helping the company reach new customers, existing customers in new ways, or break into new markets. You have the processes and systems in place, but you and your team are hitting walls creatively.


You need help streamlining your operations and processes that allow you to scale adoption of your product while also remaining laser-focused on delivering what the customer wants. 

You run a growth stage startup that has reached product-market fit and now you’re focused on scaling your product. You have systems to put in place, a value proposition to fine-tune, new products to develop, and you need help.


Since 2011, Afara Global, led by Whitney A. White, has worked with a variety of organizations, from growth stage startups to Fortune 100 companies, embedding with teams to help them overcome their greatest obstacles so they can experience long-lasting success.

We understand that innovation is essential to staying relevant, but innovation doesn’t look the same for every company.

You need a tailored, hands-on approach that goes beyond telling you our opinion. It means we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and dig into data, learning everything there is to know about your product, process, and customers, so we can find your roadblocks and implement the exact solutions you need. 


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we empower your team with in-depth training to keep you on the path to success so you can continue to grow, scale, and thrive. 

Whitney A. White is the founder of Afara Global and has a proven track record of success in helping businesses achieve their goals. After graduating from Davidson College with a degree in Anthropology, she cut her teeth at Bain & Company, led massive operational improvements in a major city government, drove eCommerce operations at a leading industrial parts distributor, and helped build Google’s eCommerce operation in Washington, DC.

Whitney brings to the table an uncanny ability to get into the mind of the consumer, a passion for maximizing revenue, and the decisiveness needed to minimize waste and inefficiencies. 



Whether maintaining focus on the customer through exponential growth or pushing innovative thinking while cutting through bureaucracy, her candid, honest methods are a breath of fresh air to her clients who need to hear the truth about what’s holding them back.

By applying her experience and knowledge in Lean Startup Methodology, maintaining laser focus on customer needs, and leveraging technology to improve and increase efficiency and revenue, Whitney is known for her ability to get results where others have struggled and failed. 

Outside of Afara Global, Whitney is passionate about contributing to startup ecosystems and mentoring emerging entrepreneurs. A graduate of Davidson College, Whitney is Co-Founder of the Emergence Scholarship of the Davidson Trust and Founder of the Davidson College Tech Impact Fellowship, which encourages Davidson women and students of color to explore interests in Computer Science.

She is also the Founder of Take Back Your Time, a coaching practice that helps high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs maximize their full potential. 

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Are you ready to partner with an innovation firm with proven success in maintaining focus on the customer, streamlining systems, and getting the job done to bring products to market?

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