WhitneyA.White_Afara Global Headshot

Whitney White

As founder and senior consultant, Whitney has led Afara Global since its inception in 2011. A maximizer of people and systems, Whitney uses her talents to make organizations work better. Whether implementing a multi-billion dollar merger integration, improving a major city’s operational performance, or launching an e-commerce department for a multi-billion dollar company, her insights, integrity, and boundless energy lead to results and earn her the trust of countless individuals.

Through Afara Global, Whitney applies principles of rigorous analysis, customized strategy development, and detail-obsessed implementation to guide organizations in seizing opportunities for improvement and growth. Whitney’s exceptional focus and discernment for opportunity has enabled her to maximize winners, be they governments, companies, institutions, or people.

In addition to Afara Global engagements, Whitney occasionally partners with other leading firms and individual experts to offer the same differentiated client value, but on an even larger scale. She also coaches high-capacity individuals who’ve decided to cut through the noise of the million and one things on their plate and get serious about the goals that really matter to them most.

Outside of client work, Whitney is passionate about contributing to startup ecosystems and mentoring emerging entrepreneurs. A graduate of Davidson College, Whitney is a co-founder of the Emergence Scholarship of the Davidson Trust and recently created the Davidson College Tech Impact Fellowship to encourage Davidson women and students of color to explore interests in Computer Science.