Case Studies

  • Organization


  • Boutique Consultancy

    We helped a boutique consultancy scale its operations to keep pace with increasing client demand. After an assessment of the firm’s organizational processes and culture, we embedded with the client’s team for three months and implemented redesigned processes and outputs while simultaneously helping the firm close new business opportunities.

  • Strategy

  • Chinese University

    We delivered a strategy for the University to launch an exchange program with leading African universities. This included analysis of the competitive landscape across top global universities, recommended partnership structures based on the University’s capabilities and goals, and an implementation roadmap to bring the program to fruition.

  • Strategy


  • Professional Development Nonprofit

    A leading professional development nonprofit engaged us to lead the launch of a highly selective fellowship in partnership with one of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs. We developed and implemented a marketing strategy that spanned corporate and media partnerships, industry events, individualized outreach, and digital engagement through email campaigns, webinars, and both paid and unpaid social media. This led to a pipeline of over 1300 potential candidates in the fellowship’s inaugural year.