Men's football game.

Why Kick-Ass Teams Need Peer Accountability

Now that you have the right people, you’ve actually trained them, you’ve established your northstar, and are providing stretch opportunities — what’s left? Accountability. But, not just any kind of accountability — peer accountability.

After putting all four of the previous keys in place, peer accountability is what makes a group of individuals a true team. It’s what you see on the sidelines of a football game when players on the same team get into each others’ faces after a missed assignment or dropped pass. Read more


Why Stretch Opportunities are the Lifeblood of a Kick-Ass Team

What does it mean to stretch? We hear phrases like “stretch goals” and “stretch opportunities.” But, what are they and why do they matter?

I’ve always enjoyed coaching and developing others. Maybe it started when I was a kid running my own tutoring company. Then and now, I’ve enjoyed investing in others and helping them reach their goals. However, the goals we set for ourselves don’t always rise to the heights of our true potential. That’s why team members benefit from moments that push them out of their comfort zones and challenge them to be better, more effective versions of themselves. Those moments are stretch opportunities. Read more


Why Your Team Should Have “Words” Just Like Great Houses of Westeros

“Winter is Coming.” Throughout seasons of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, the Starks use their house words to remind all of Westeros that darker days are on the horizon and that the foresight and preparation of the Northmen will serve them well as it has served Northmen for thousands of years. The words of House Greyjoy of the Iron Islands – “We Do Not Sow” – remind everyone that ironborn take what others have sowed, paying the iron price of battle against anyone who stands in their way. Similarly, Catelyn Stark’s ferocious desire to protect her children was no doubt a product of her upbringing in House Tully, where the words are “Family, Duty, Honor.” When key characters face tough moments, we sometimes see other members of their house asking them the rhetorical question, “What are our words?” Read more